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How to Remove Polythene from Perspex

It can be notoriously difficult to remove polythene from Perspex and Acrylic.

This video shows suggestions which may help:

1.) Find a loose corner and peel away using your finger tip.

2.) Use a piece of polythene which has already been successfully removed from the acrylic display.

3.) Use a rubber glove!



Why is my card rack coloured not clear?

The short answer is "it isn't it's clear"!

Most of our card rack is sent to our customers with a polythene protective film to keep it safe during transit.

This can make the card rack appear coloured, or even scratched.  Once you remove the polythene film from the perspex display it will be beautifully clear and scratch free.

Please note that there may be polythene on both sides of you card rack display and the polythene will need to be completely removed or the coloured hue will remain.

How to assemble adjustable supports from 3D Displays

We believe that the adjustable supports are nice and simple to assemble.

However, if you would like a little guidance on how to put this item of shop equipment together then this short clip should help.