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Stylish home accessories and home decor.  PERSPEX ® Acrylic furniture for the stylish modern home. Can't find what you are looking for 3D Displays Ltd can manufacture items to meet your specific requirements.  

PERSPEX ® Acrylic is not the material that immediately springs to mind when discussing home decor but perhaps it should be on that list. Acrylic boasts a discreet, barely-there yet stylish appearance that fits perfectly in a contemporary living space.

PERSPEX furniture and PERSPEX home accessories help to create a modern eye-catching finish to both modern and traditional homes.

You will wow all your friends with 3D Displays' huge range of PERSPEX furniture - the perfect interior design solution.  And the good news is that if we don't have the  acrylic furniture you need 3D Displays can manufacture items to your design.

the 'At Home' range includes not only larger items of PERSPEX furnishings and acrylic furniture but also smaller accessories for the home.

Acrylic home accessories with their sleek polished edges and gleaming surfaces will prove a striking edition to a home's interior.  An addition any interior designer would be proud of.  PERSPEX home accessories will raise the design bar with acrylic home accessories setting your home apart from the rest

3D Displays are excited to be featured in Sarah Beeny's At Home Magazine.

3D Displays in Sarah Beenys At Home Magazine