British Sterling
Pricing Pack Info

Number of pieces in each set

Piece   Number

£            25

.             30

9            15

8            10

7            10

6            10

5            15

4            10

3            10

2            15

1            15

0            18

Blanks   69

Price Cubes

Theses plastic price cubes are ideal for pricing items in showcases when you do not want to attach a sticker.

A price sticker may damage or detract from the beauty of some of your merchandise.  However a pricing cube can sit subtly nearby allowing your customer to view the price and the product in all it's glory.

Plastic price cubes are available in transparent plastic with black writing or the pricing cube can be purchased as a black cube with white writing.

Black price cubes are available in three different sizes, as are the transparent pricing cubes.  With 6 varieties of price cubes for you to choose between you are sure to be able to find the solution you need.  Alternatively why not take a look at all of 3D Displays other pricing solutions