Bespoke Enquiries

As proud UK manufacturers, we are able to manufacture bespoke display equipment to meet your specific requirements.  From complex designs to simple cut panels we can help. Simply contact us using the form below with your requirements and our team can help produce a final design and provide costs. 

Exhibit Stands

One of our most popular choices for bespoke displays is for items that are going to be displayed in an exhibit or museum display. Many of the items displayed in these settings are extremely old and irreplaceable so when thinking about the display it's important that it is well made and extremely well fitted to ensure the safety and guarantee stability. Along with stands, we also produce a large number of display cases that cover a whole display to ensure that it cannot be touched to prevent damage. These can be made exact to the measurements that will suit you and our expert design team will advise on which thickness will be needed to ensure that they stand the test of time. 

If you've got a brief idea of what you are looking for but aren't exactly sure whether it will be suitable, our design team have over 35 years of experience with this and can take an initial idea and help you with the fine details to product the perfect displays just like they did with this Magna Carta display here in Faversham.

Retail Exhibition Displays

Another big area of our bespoke work is for retail exhibitions where you take your products to be displayed to potential customers so they need to be displayed in a way that will show off their features perfectly. Cardology had been purchasing our racks to display the bulk of their cards for a long time, but the addition of a clip to the front of the rack which displayed the open pop up card completed their set up perfectly. The cards behind could still be accessed but as potential customers walked past, they could see the incredible cards in 3D.

If your product needs a unique solution but you have no idea what to do, contact us! Our team will need to see an image of your product and an idea of what view you want your customers to see and they'll be able to use years of experience to design the display for you. 


Merchandisers are generally only considered to be a way to stack your product on the shelf, but it doesn't have to be the only type. Have a look at the examples from Deta Electrical and Gripple. They both worked with us to find a merchandiser that held their product in place to show the features and how they would look if they were in use. Gripple even printed a QR code which linked to a YouTube video showing the potential customer how to install and use their product. Both of these designs were light weight so a sales rep could transport the stand with them to potential customers.

We still love to produce the traditional merchandisers, much like the Angus Dundee Distillers example. This was produced with our KV ink printer which allows us to print full coverage images and then full manipulate the acrylic panel, which gave us the beautiful backdrop to their whiskey bottle.

Deta Electrical


Angus Dundee Distillers

Printed Slatwall

Our printed slatwall has fast become a favourite, not only with our customers but also with our bespoke department due to the wide range of designs they print which can be really exciting. With our groundbreaking KV ink printer we can print the 2m panels but 2m wide isn't where the designs have to stop. As long as your artwork is high enough quality we can extend it across more that one width to give a full wall design at the highest quality.


Nemesis Now creates merchandise and giftware based around some of the largest brands in the world, so when they head to events recognisability is key to their marketing and they look to use this to draw potential customers to their stand. They want their customer to see the instantly recognisable branding while also needing to ensure that it's not too overpowering and the customer can still see the products clearly. Their Harry Potter design really displays this brief perfectly, with glimpses of logos, characters and well known fonts from afar, but the customer can only see the true detail as they are drawn closer. Looking at the image of the panels freshly printed up close, you can see the true levels of detail achieved. 


Our slatwall panels are lightweight, compact and super quick to install, which makes them the perfect solution for exhibition displays as we know time to set up can be limited and you need every minute making sure your products are looking fantastic.


The panels can be cut to size to fit within pre-built stands like they were for Nemesis Now and can even be sent directly to the company you use to build the stand so they are installed and ready to use when you arrive to your exhibition stand. Just ask our sales team to use an alternative delivery address and they'll be happy to assist.


Check out Nemesis Now's TikTok here to see their set up at Spring Fair 2023 following the install of their most exciting ranges to date. The video features a number of printed slatwall designs including Pokemon, Lord of the Rings and the incredible Iron Maiden panels that can also be seen in our workshop, fresh from printing.


If you are looking to do your exhibition on a budget or just want to be in control of your stand without external stand designer, printed panels can be provided as part of a freestanding design using our W2500P. This product can be manufactured, printed and dispatched to you within 8 working days of receiving confirmed artwork and has everything you need to assemble a double sided stand perfect for your stock. The beauty of this system is that at the end of the exhibition you can disassemble and as long as the parts are well looked after, it's ready to use for the next exhibition.

There really are endless uses for our printed slatwall panels. We've seen them printed with customers' favourite car manufacturers logos and installed into their garage to provide extra storage around an incredible feature wall, used in swimming pools with logos as the panel are moisture resistant and so work well in locations with high humidity and even fitted to the inside of vans with labelling of where tools should be located to enable a quick fill of the van every morning. 

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss how printed slatwall can get help your business!


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