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Ring Stands

Ring blocks & ring cones available in a clear or frosted finish. 
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If you are wondering how to display rings most effectively then we suggest that you try our ring cone displays.

We stock polycarbonate ring cone displays – supplied as a sheet of 10. These ring cone displays are available in a clear or a frosted finish; ring cone displays don’t come any cleverer than this and these ring cone displays are superb value too.  They are supplied as flat sheets but each ring display simply pops out and is actually kept in shape by the ring itself.  A very cost effective solution if you have lots of rings to display  and perfect for costume jewellery and fashion pieces. Choose sheets of frosted ring cone displays for added impact – a light frosting amongst your jewellery display will make everything sparkle.

If you are looking to display engagement rings and eternity rings  3D Displays’ ring cones may be more suitable.  These acrylic ring cone displays are available in a clear or a frosted finish – both equally as eye catching.  Which you prefer is simply a matter of personal preference.

Looking to display a particular ring collection? Perhaps you would prefer our triple ring stand set.  These are a  versatile alternative to our perspex ring cone displays.  With each of the three stands being a different height this set of ring stands is a great way of adding height and interest to your display whilst keeping your collection together.

This triple ring stand is a hugely versatile display and can also be used as a pen display for pens, pencils or even magic wands! 

Browse our range of ring cone displays and order today!  Remember if your order comes to over £150 before VAT you will receive free carriage to mainland UK.  And you can mix and match with any of the other fantastic items on our website.

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