Apply for a credit account

We offer credit accounts to customers who prefer to pay upon receipt of the invoice. This may be needed for many reasons including that you need time between receiving payment from your customer to allow you to pay the invoice and that your business policy is that you cannot pay on a proforma invoice or make payment via card or Paypal.

In order to set up this account up you will need to complete the relevant application form for the type of organisation you are operating. These options are:

  • Commercial Customer - Either a limited company or registered charity
  • Government Body - For example councils, schools or hospitals etc

Commercial customers

Commercial customers must apply using the corresponding form and provide us with a copy of their company or charity letterhead. Please note that failure to provide this upon application may result in delay in reviewing the application.

You must ensure that information is provided in full, including full names and contact details where requested. Failure to provide full information may result in our team asking you to re-submit the application with completed details. As you are requesting to extend a line of credit, we do have to ensure that these forms are completed in full.

Each application will be reviewed prior to opening an account and if successful the total credit limit will be based on a case by case basis, based on affordablity. This may be increased following a period of successful trading.

Charity Notes: Some charities will work under a charity number but run a registered company in the same name. Should this be the case, please apply under the company information. Charities that do not hold a registered company should apply using the commercial customer application form and follow the below advice. Please use the box 'Full Company Registered Name' to provide the Registered Name of the charity. Use the 'Trading Name (if different)' to provide the name you would like us to invoice the order under should this be different. Please provide the charity's registered number under the 'Company Registration Number'. The 'Year of Registration' should be completed as normal. For 'nature of business' please comment on nature of charity operations.

Government bodies

All government bodies are eligible for a credit account by applying via the government body application form and providing a copy of the purchase order. Without a purchase order no order may be placed under a credit account for a government body.

Downloadable copies of the forms and our terms and conditions for credit accounts. You must confirm that you agree to all points in the credit account terms and conditions prior to applying and failure to read the terms and conditions will not void them.

Applications can take up to 8 working days to be approved based so please bare this in mind when thinking about your order.