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Leaflet Spinners & Floor Standing Brochure Holders

If you have been searching for a floor standing brochure holder we have a selection of products in our floor standing brochure holders range that will suit your needs perfectly!
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If you have lots of desk space and counter space then counter standing brochure holders are ideal.  However there are always those situations when you have filled all your counter top with fantastic merchandise and what you really need is a floor standing leaflet holder.  3D Displays supply a hugely versatile floor standing leaflet holder, or leaflet spinner which fits A4 leaflets, A5 leaflets or 1/3 A4 leaflets.  But the best thing about this floor standing leaflet holder is the fact that you can choose what size leaflets you want it to take, or even purchase pockets so that the leaflet spinner can take some of each. 

 This floor standing brochure holder can also be purchased with enough pockets so you can change what size leaflets it holds on a day to day, week to week, or month to month basis.

 Of course not all brochures, newspapers and magazines come in these standard sizes.  This is when it is worth taking a look at the floor standing magazine stands and floor standing newspaper stands.

 These floor standing newspaper stands are made out of the robust hard wearing clear plastic PETG and arrive flat pack for easy transport and delivery.  There are two options for this floor standing newspaper stand, you can choose between the B75KT1 which has flat shelves and the B75KT2 which has slopping and lipped shelves.  The B75KT2 magazine rack with its sloping lipped shelves allow the magazines to be visible to customers without falling off.  To add to the versatility of the magazine racks the shelves can be placed so that access to the magazines is from the back so customers will need to be served by you.  This is a particular advantage if displaying valuable comics or collectors items.

printed displays from 3D Displays

 It is not just a floor standing newspaper stand that 3D Displays manufacture.  There is also a fantastic slatwall magazine rack, a great way to keep all those magazines neat and tidy when you have used up your floor space and counter space!