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Recycling Acrylic

Recycling Acrylic & PETG

3D Displays recycle waste plastic wherever possible.  Should you no longer require any of you display stands manufactured from Acrylic or PETG 3D Displays are happy to recycle them for you.

Simply send your unwanted display stands to:

Acrylic & PETG for Recycling

3D Displays Ltd,

Upper Brents Industrial Estate



ME13 7DZ

 Unfortunately we are unable to recycle products manufactured from other materials.  If you are unsure what material your display stand is made from take a look at the product description online or in our catalogue.  Alternatively give our sales team a call and they will be happy to help.



When packaging your products we use Eco Flo loose fill chips rather than poly chips.

These loose foam chips are made from non genetically modified starch and are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable, and manufactured from annually renewable sources.

This material is food starch based, when it contacts with moisture it turns into a porridge like substance & will dissipate very quickly. If buried in soil it should be gone within a week.

Our cardboard boxes are also recyclable.

Nor Single Use Plastic!

Our products are not single use. Many of our customers get a decade or more use out of their displays. Meaning that not only are we not wasting materials but we are also not wasting energy.

When you do decide to dispose of them they can be passed on to friends or recycled.