Glass Display Heads

Glass heads and skulls available in a variety of colours all available from stock.

Perfect for displaying headphones and hats.  The glass heads are also great for sunglasses and standard glasses.

These hugely versatile glass heads made from recycled glass are available as heads or skulls in a variety of colours

Headphone Displays

Glass Heads & Skulls make fabulous headphone displays & are also great display units for Virtual Reality Headsets.  Recycled glass heads can be used as your store window display or within your store to give it a modern, yet quirky look and feel.  Alternatively these glass heads are equally as eye catching when used in as headphone & headset stands in the home  – They will look great by your computer and you will always know where your headset is... no more worrying about headphones being left lying on the floor!

Hat Stands

These glass heads & skulls manufactured from recycled glass also make great hat stands.  The glass skulls are amazingly popular for displaying military berets. Glass Heads available in a whole range of colours really add cool and stylish elements to any hat display. 

Glasses Displays

The fantastically colourful Glass Heads  also make fantastic optical displays.  They work fantastically as glasses stands of if you are feeling summery sunglasses stands. 

With glasses displays available in clear, blue, yellow, orange, green, blue, red and purple you really are in the right place for the most eye-catching optical stands around! 

These heads not only make fantastic glasses displays for retail environments but what better way of always being able to find your glasses.  An eye catching glasses display for the home… you will never have to search for your glasses again.

Just keep in mind that the shape of the glass skulls nose unfortunately mean they can not be used to display glasses.