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Your Guide to Installing GROOVEWALL

Installing GROOVEWALL is a straight forward job

GROOVEWALL is usually fixed to vertical timber battens screwed or nailed to an existing wall.  However it can also be glued of fixed directly to a wall. 

Step 1

Screw or nail verticle timber battens to the wall surface to be covered with GROOVEWALL.  (We would suggest these are placed at 50cm intervals.  If you are joining GROOVEWALL panels do so on the centre of the batten. 

Step 2

Screw GROOVEWALL panels to the timber battens using GROOVEWALL fixing screws through the slotted part of the panel.

Step 3

Add a timber finishing strip to cover the GROOVEWALL edges (optional), add GROOVEWALL accessories from 3D Displays large range to create veratile eye catching displays and storage solutions