Recycling and Environmental Policy

Recycling acrylic and PETG

Products manufacturered from plastic whether that be acrylic or PETG are usually associated with being bad for the environment purely because because of the word plastic, but that isn't always the case.

We worked for many years to develop products that allow our customers to get a decade or more use out of their displays before needing to upgrade. As acrylic boasts the benefits of durability and timeless style, these displays need to be re-freshed far less often compared to displays made from other materials. When you do decide to upgrade your display the material can be recycled into new sheets ready to manufacture new displays.

3D Displays' policy is to ensure their waste plastic is recycled as much as possible and that recycled acrylic is purchased where possible ensuring that as little new acrylic is created. Should you no longer require any of you display stands manufactured from acrylic or PETG 3D Displays are happy to recycle them for you.

Simply send your unwanted display stands to:

Acrylic & PETG for Recycling

3D Displays Ltd

Upper Brents Industrial Estate



ME13 7DZ

Unfortunately we are unable to recycle products manufactured from other materials.  If you are unsure what material your display stand is made from take a look at the product description online or in our catalogue. Alternatively give our sales team a call and they will be happy to help.

Packing Materials

3D Displays considers the packing materials used to ship your order carefully before use to ensure they promote recycling and make use of biodegradable materials as much as possible.

When packaging your products we use Eco Flo loose fill chips rather than poly chips. These loose foam chips are made from non genetically modified starch and are 100% biodegradable and fully compostable, and manufactured from completely renewable sources.

This material is food starch based, when it contacts with moisture it turns into a porridge like substance & will dissipate very quickly. If buried in soil it should be gone within a week but for the quickest disposable pour some water over them.

We use the reduce, reuse and recycle method with our shipping boxes. We hold many different sizes of box to ensure that we can pack your products in the smallest number of boxes possible, whilst maintaining the safety of your products. If we have suitable boxes that have already been used, they receive a full check to ensure they have no damage where the biodegradable chips could spill out and then they are reused. We recycle all damaged boxes and encourage all customers to recycle their boxes.



Energy Conservation

As a manufacturing operation, our levels of energy usage are higher that most buisnesses. To ensure that we are doing everything we can to conserve energy we take a number of important steps including; ensuring that are machinery and equipment receive regular maintenance and are upgraded when needed to more efficient processing and providing full energy saving awareness training.


We do everything we can to be as carbon neutral as we can so if a product is delivered to you damaged and we cannot repair the product we may ask you to dispose or recycle the product yourself if appropriate. This means the emissions from transporting the goods back to us will be saved!